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Title: First Sexual Encounter Author: Electricgurl… - Supernatural FanFiction Challenges

Amelia posting in Supernatural FanFiction Challenges
Author: spn_challenges (posted by amanofmydreams)
Date: 2007-01-16 13:57
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Title: First Sexual Encounter
Author: Electricgurl
Rating: NC-17
Parings: Dean/ OFC (Kate)
Genre: Smut
Timeline: This is later; they are about 18 or 19 each.
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Dean pushes the point.
Disclaimer: Don't own them, Blah; blah; blah...


Dean knew that there was something wrong with Kate that she wasn’t sharing with him, and that fact bugged him more than it should have. She smiled over their dinner as she put another forkful of rice into her mouth.

“What are you looking at?” she asked licking her lips clean as she placed her fork down.

“Just trying to figure something out that’s all.”

“Can you try and figure it out without staring at me like I’m the Loch Ness monster?” She asked leaning back in her chair, pushing her half eaten food away.

He shrugged and dug into his food, still glancing up at her every so many bites. She was now examining her nails. He quickly finished then leaned back also, watching her closer as she picked at her nails.

“Why did you invite me out tonight?” she asked finally breaking the silence that was stretching between them.

“You looked lonely,” he informed her softly. She frowned biting her lip as she pushed up and away from the table.

“You don’t take a girl out on a date because she’s lonely. You take her on a date to get in her pants.” She stated as she walked to the door.

“Why are you being so uptight?” He demanded as he pulled away and walked in front of her. She stopped short grunting as she slammed into his chest.

“Just leave me alone, I’m not some girl that you can have a good, freaky night with. I’m not that type of girl. If you wanted that you should have taken one of the other bimbos out.” She said as she pushed him out of the way and marched towards the door.

“It’s nothing like that.” He said, her hand stopping on the door handle. She turned around and faced him.

“Don’t think that you are better than the others, you are just as dirty and self-centered as they were.” She grumbled as she spun around on one heel and walked to the door. Dean reached out and grabbed her arm, spinning her around and into his chest. He grunted softly as she pressed herself into his chest. Her hands came up to stop her forward motion, resting perfectly on his upper chest. He looked down at her, the longing that he had been feeling for her clearly shining in his eyes. His long lashes fluttered shut as he leaned down, his lips capturing hers breathing softly a kiss over her mouth he froze, waiting for a response.

Kate didn't know what to think; sure she wanted him, but in no way had she planned on actually consummating anything with the man, he had just been a source of ranting and temporary relief for her sore head and cold feet. The meal that he had provided had been a great addition. She just knew that at this moment she couldn’t let herself fall for him. He was just another meal ticket and if she let this go any further she would be right back where she started at: on the streets. Cold, hungry and looking for her next handout.

"Dean, we shouldn't do this." she whispered as their lips touched, his breath mingling with her own. She could feel rather than see his smile as he pulled her closer. His erection being pinned between their stomachs.

"There are a lot of things I shouldn't do, or think, and you probably fall under every category but when I'm around you I can't seem to help myself. You’re like an addiction. I long for you all day. Walking around in those tight little jeans," he said, grabbing her ass and pulling her closer. She gasped, her eyes fluttering closed as his hands massaged her jean-clad ass. She moaned, her thoughts forgotten as she continued to listen to his monologue.

"I think about you every morning, when I get up, in the shower. How your tight little body would move under the water and how I ache for you to be there with me." he whispered into her ear, nibbling on it and her neck as his hands trailed over her body. She shivered with delight, pressing against him her head falling back as his words rushed over her, as his breath caressed over her neck.

"Everything about you makes me shiver in delight and you have no idea how many times I thought that I would lose control when you bent over or I saw you fighting with the locals. You are a distraction that I can't fight. I try to fight back against you every day, but with every breath I fight you with I find that I'm being pulled deeper and deeper." She shivered against as he licked her neck from the collar to her hairline.

"I can't think of anything without you invading my thoughts." He pulled her head back lightly, his eyes shining with lust and something else that she couldn't recognize. "Now tell me that we shouldn't do this." he purred, his hands dropping from her as he took a step back. She almost groaned at the loss of contact.

Before he knew what was happening, he was being attacked. Her lips covered his own, her tongue darting out, fighting to gain control of the kiss. He opened his mouth as their tongues battled. Dean fisted his hand in her hair and pulled her closer, his other hand darting behind them to unsnap her bra. She moaned into his lips as it came undone and he pulled it off strap by strap pushing the shoulders down then reaching up under her top and pulling the bra out from under her top. He didn't even look at it as he tossed it over his shoulder onto the growing pile of clothes. She gasped as she broke the kiss, her hair a mess, her lips red from the pressure. Dean loved it, he chuckled and reached for her. She offered no fight as he pulled her heavily back to him. She grunted as her now free breasts pressed hard against his stomach, his jeans budging out with his erection.

She groaned as he sucked at her neck. She tipped her head to one side. His hand tangling into her hair to control the angle. She groaned as his other hand slipped down between their bodies, his ever nimble fingers made quick work of the snap and zipper on her jeans and pushed in, having trouble with the tight, unmoving material. Pulling back and dropping to his knees he pulled her pants down and over her shoes and tossed them over his shoulder also.

She looked down at him, blushing slightly in only sneakers and underwear, his face darkened with lust; he licked his lips as he looked at her. She shivered as he gently lifted one then the other foot, slowly and carefully removing the sneakers and socks. He groaned and against adjusted himself looking up at her panties. His hands crept up over her thighs tracing the old scars that covered her body. She shivered with new respect for those fingers and shook with anticipation as his skilled and defined fingers hooked on the side of her panties and began to slowly pull them down. She watch with desire as he helped her step out of them. She tried to kneel, but he shook his head and made her spread her legs wider. He looked at her and licked his lips.

"I have been waiting a long time for this." he gruffly informed her as his left hand played over her hair covered mound. She twitched as she watched that finger play with the curls that covered her. He grinned then pressed his finger slowly down and across her hot, warm lips. She shivered, her eyes closing as he drew his hand back and then switched hands and did the same thing again. She tensed her legs and bit her lip as she tossed her head back, her hands coming up to lift her own breasts. The sensation that Dean was creating with one finger was enough for her to lose what inhibitions she had left. Her long delightful fingers played with her pierced nipples. Pulling on the rings she gasped as Dean slid a finger into her. He breathed heavily onto her clit. His tongue darted out moistening her even more. She groaned, feeling herself tighten around his finger as he played with her clit.

"Dean," she gasped as her hands played with her own nipples. Dean looked up her body their eyes meeting as he preceded another finger into her. She gasped, her back arching slightly, enough for her to lose her balance. Dean's other hand swept behind her legs, his fingers popping out of her as he picked her up and walked over to the wall. He pushed her onto the wall and then up, he grinned as her mound came into perfect view. He licked his lips then buried his head between her legs. She gasped, her breasts long forgotten as her hands fisted into his hair.

"Oh MY GOD DEAN!" She cried as his tongue darted in and out. She was shaking on his shoulders within minutes. His hands running up and down her legs. She shuddered, then tossed her head back as she let go of all control. She felt it burst from her as she came. His greedy lips lapping it up. He shoved himself closer, his mouth covering her lapping every inch. She screamed his name shoving his head closer as she came again. Never had she had such a loss of control.

She pulled him back, her core still leaking juice as she pulled him up and kissed him deeply, smearing her own juice over her face as their tongues once again did battle. This time it was Kate that won.

She pushed him back and they tumbled onto the floor, as she crawled upwards so that she was sitting on his chest. Her warm dripping pussy smearing its enjoyment over his sweat covered chest. She groaned as she spun around her ass facing him as she looked down at the boots that had started the entire evening. She rubbed her crotch on his chest then slide down over his abs to rest on his jean covered erection. She pulled his knife from his boot and quickly sliced through all the laces and pulled the boots off tossing them over her head . Then she grinned into his erection, her hand rubbing against herself as she undid his belt. She undid the button next and slid the zipper down and watched in surprise as his erection pressed outwards

He looked down at her licking his lips , he was propped up on his elbows watching her like a cat would watch a mouse before it pounced . She shivered in delight once again and quickly disposed him of the jeans. She purred deeply as her hand caressed up his leg finally coming in contact with his cock. He twitched in her hand and his hips jolted upwards as her hand wrapped around him. She couldn't quite encircle him with her hand but she managed as she began to move her hand up and down in a random motion. His breath hitched as she moved faster then slower as his hip bucked in pleasure.

"Kate!" he warned as he pushed himself off the floor and grabbed her shoulders, bring her into him for another searing kiss. She pulled away gasping, he grabbed her hair and pulled her forward towards him, his hand reaching under her to slid two fingers deep within her. She gasped her head flying backwards on contact. Her legs falling apart allowing him the room he needed. Her body already so in tune with his own. He moaned her name, his fingers leaving her with a pop , he grabbed himself pumping himself twice he pulled her down onto him, she sank onto him moaning. Her body clenching around him as he thrusted upwards, every inch filling her completely. She gasped her knees grinding on the floor finding the friction heightening the experience even more.

"Dean!" she cried as she allowed her body to sink down onto him. Dean groaned and had to grab his balls and squeeze to fight off the wave of unexpected pleasure that washed over him . His mouth encircled her breast . His teeth pulling lightly on her nipple ring as her back arched. Dean grunted, his other hand stopping her hips from moving as his tongue darted around her nipple, playing with the jewelry that his mouth found so interesting. Kate grunted and moaned as her body twisted and bucked over him. He finally let go of her hip and hoped that he would be able to control himself as best as he could. She began to ride him. Her body adjusted to his size and she moved up and down, twisting her body violently in a circle. His dick rubbing against her walls as she shuddered in pleasure, her nails biting into his back, leaving marks that they both knew would be hard to explain away.

She bucked against him, moving faster and harder, looking for the pleasure that she knew was extremely close. Her eyes closed in concentration as her body fought to find the pleasure it needed. Her back arched as he thrusted into her, slamming into her g-spot . Her orgasm was like an explosion. It was small at first then only grew outwards as everything overcame her, flooding her senses as it overtook her. The only thing she sought was the pleasure. She crashed into another orgasm as Dean reached his first one. Wave after wave they let it wash over them.

Letting their bodies claim everything that they had sought after since this life had started.

Release was finally theirs.


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