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Firsts Chart: First Friend (My Hero, by Dean Winchester, Gen, G, Pre-series) - Supernatural FanFiction Challenges

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Author: spn_challenges (posted by dodger_winslow)
Date: 2007-02-10 03:12
Subject: Firsts Chart: First Friend (My Hero, by Dean Winchester, Gen, G, Pre-series)
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Tags:firsts chart

Title: My Hero, by Dean Winchester
Author: dodger_winslow
Challenge: Firsts Chart: First Friend
Genre: Gen, Pre-Series 
Word Count: 5020
Pairings/Characters: None
Rating: G
Warnings: None 
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, I'm just stalking them for a while.

Summary: As vaguely disillusioned as Mrs. Jessup was by the last twenty-eight reports given end-on-end to the realization that the overwhelming majority of her students had absolutely no idea what she was trying to teach them, she knew she’d saved the best for last, and he was standing now, walking to the front of the classroom with his report scrunched in his hands, looking terribly nervous as if he thought maybe he’d gotten the whole assignment completely wrong in choosing a hero who wasn’t fictional or famous or otherwise unworthy of a child’s unabashed adoration.

Author's Note: While this would more than likely stand alone, it is actually a sequel to Parental Instincts, so if you haven't read that, you might want to click over and read it first.

She’d saved Dean’s report for last for entirely selfish reasons. Dean was her favorite. He was more than a bright spot, he was her hope for the future of his entire generation.

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